Operation Management

Operation Management is based on teamwork within GSC and this is reflected in the relationship we share with our customers. We believe in an open door policy with our staff and our customers who are able to gain direct good communication as an essential ingredient of GSC business philosophy and allows us to respond effectively and efficiently to any security requirements. We strive compliance on Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) as our top priority maximum achievement and accomplishment in our mission.

Standard Operating Procedure (S.O.P)

We issue a set of S.O.P written specifically for the site. The S.O.P, in conjunction with any company security procedures issued by most eventualities for the security officers to perform their duties.

Information in the S.O.P includes:

  • Personnel, emergency contacts and method of contact
  • Details of the assignment and duties
  • Checking procedures
  • Emergency procedures
  • Equipment
  • Special instructions
  • Standing instructions
  • Health and safety policy

The S.O.P will be written after consultation with the client and will be submitted to them for their approval before issue to the security officers.